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Work Study

Study for your U.S. Master Degree while Working and Earning U.S. Wages
Gain U.S. Work Experience and Master Degree so you become a strong candidate in the competitive global job market
Study: Work-Study USA, Inc. has created unique work-study opportunities in the USA for overseas students who want to earn a master degree from an accredited, high quality university, while working in full-time, paid job internships.
Work: In this unique work-study program (also known as a co-op or internship program) students can work in full time, paid, practical training employment for the whole duration of the master program in order to enhance the educational experience.
Earn: In the work-study program, students can earn US wages to use to pay for educational expenses
The Work-Study Program is designed to give students practical work experience in curriculum-related employment with local US based corporations and businesses. In the work-study program, paid internship employment is mandatory, beginning in the first semester of the first academic year of the student's master degree program. Along with the mandatory internship employment, students will need to take a total of 15 to 18 master degree courses, depending on the enrolled program. The work study programs have the curriculum set up so that the internships jobs are mandatory and therefore a student must begin his/her curricular training immediately upon registration and securing his/her social security number.In Work-Study Programs students can begin working in their first semester of study. This is very different than CPT programs at most universities where the applicant can not start the CPT employment until he/she has been in school for at least one academic year (nine months). Also, most universities do not have a unique program designed specifically for the International applicant. Work Study Program, in alliance with the schools, has created a unique program that helps International candidates be successful in the United States workforce. The international candidate will learn about resume building, interviewing etiquette, and U.S. customs. By the time the candidate graduates from the work-study program he/she will be a prime candidate for an H-1b or a high level job in his/her home country.
University Names
Coleman University CPT Program
Coleman University is a small, private university located in sunny San Diego, California. Coleman's inverted curriculum delivers your career training first. This innovative approach allows you to become qualified for a related position in a matter of months. Coleman offers the HTIR curricular practical training program in the following degrees:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Information Systems Management
Master of Business in Health Care Management
Lincoln University Program
Lincoln University located in Oakland, California, offers a unique practical training program in which international graduate students are allowed to work in full-time employment in local American companies while studying for their master degrees. The curriculum is grounded in a program of general studies and is designed to encourage individual exploration of advanced studies. The University conducts its programs with a conscious focus upon the cross-cultural dimensions of learning. Lincoln offers the internship program in the following degree.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Concentrations in human resource management, financial management, Int. business
Sullivan University Program
Sullivan University’s Graduate School provides the graduate with additional opportunities for career advancement and enhanced job security in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing work environment. This is a natural extension of the University’s distinguished history of preparing graduates for careers. Sullivan offers the one year CPT in the following degrees:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Concentrations in management, health care management, or hospitality
Master of Science in Managing Information Technology
Master of Public Management
PhD in Management
University of Advance Technology CPT Program
The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) offers students a well-rounded education in a non-traditional setting. Because of UAT’s dedication to both scholastic excellence and technological innovation, it stands apart in academia as an ideal destination for those looking to become a vital part of the future of technology. UAT offers the CPT in the following degrees:

Master of Science in Advancing Computer Science
Master of Science in Technology Leadership
Master of Science in Emerging Technology
Master of Science in Game Production and Management
Master of Science in Information Assurance
My Language Institute
My Language Institute (MLI), located in Falls Church, Virginia is a private school dedicated to non-English speaking students residing in the U.S. and all over the world. MLI offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses with the unique method, and is a licensee of a world-wide language school SpeakYourMind, which currently has licensee schools in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain and USA.
RN Licensure for Foreign Nurses
Nurses will benefit from the HTIR CPT Public Health program. The university staff will assist students in their licensure required to become a licensed nurse, as well as assist in placement in local health care facilities.
Intern CPT Employment

Note: Those with the higher salaries have previous work experience and excellent English speaking ability.
Employment Company Position Salary Range
Accounting Firm Accountant $15-20 per hour
AIG financial Advisors Advisor $15-20 per hour
Affinity Development Group Software Developer $50-55 per hour
American Express Customer Assistance $9-14 per hour
Apple One / Metro Transit Data Entry $9-12 per hour
Areotek Civil Engineer $9-12 per hour
Baskin Robins Sales Associate $9-12 per hour
Berfdorfs German Chocolate retail store keeper $9-12 per hour
Berkeley Publications Accountant $15-20 per hour
Best Buy Customer service and sales $9-12 per hour
Best Buy, Inc. I.T. Sales Manager $9-12 per hour
Bio Tech Adams circuit bd manufact. $9-15 per hour
Buels Bookkeeping $15-20 per hour
Burlington Coat Factory Sales $12-15 per hour
Cardinal Health Medical Device Assembly $9-10 per hour
Cardinal Health Electro/Mechanical assembly $9-12 per hour
Care Fusion Medical Device Assmbly $9-12 per hour
CCS Global Tech I.T. Recruiting $9-12 per hour
CCS Global Tech Business Development Specialist $15-20 per hour
CCS Global Tech I.T. Recruiting $9-12 per hour
Citibank Bank Teller $9-12 per hour
Coleman College C/C++ Instructor $15-25 per hour
Coleman University Teachers Aide $9-12 per hour
Coleman University Instructor $15-30 per hour
Conair-Milpitas Bio Tech $12-15 per hour
Convergence Customer Care $9-12 per hour
Convergys Customer Assistance $12-14 per hour
COX COMMUNICATIONS Technical Support Specialist $12-18 per hour
Deloitte Consulting $15-25 per hour
Delta Airline Customer Assistance $12-15 per hour
Delta Design Design Engineer $20-25 per hour
Dillards Sales Rep $12-15 per hour
Direct Contact Media Process Agent $9-12 per hour
Food For Less Cashier/Customer $8-12 per hour
Frontline Direct Inc. Systems Technician $15-18 per hour
Fry's Electronics Computer Sales and Support $9-12 per hour
GNC Assistant Manager $9-12 per hour
Goldman Sachs Financial Advisor $50-55 per hour
Google - Oracle IT $15-25 per hour
Holiday Hospital RN $18-20 per hour
Home Instead Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
HTIR Office Assistant $9-12 per hour
India Center Milpitas Bookeeping $9-12 per hour
Innovations International $9-12 per hour
Inter-Contin. Hotel Reservations $15-18 per hour
Intermountain Healthcare Surgical Technician $15-20 per hour
ITECH - Executive Director HR Position  $50-55 per hour
Jacob Tyler Creative Grp Web Developer $8-12 per hour
Japaneese Restaurant $8-12 per hour
Kanvin  $8-12 per hour
Kelly I.T. Resources Software Test Engineer $18-20 per hour
Kmptoni Hotel chef $9-12 per hour
Kindred Healthcare CAN $9-12 per hour
Lincoln University Admissions Assistant $9-12 per hour
LM Caldwell Pharmacy Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
Louisville Trust Customer Assistant $9-12 per hour
MAC Consulting Media Consultant $9-12 per hour
Macys Retail Clerk $9-12 per hour
Manpower Engagement Representative $9-12 per hour
Manpower Career Services Assistant $9-12 per hour
Manpower Receptionist / Newsletter Editor $9-12 per hour
Mass Mutual Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Maverick Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Monroe Employment Agency Admin Assist. $14-20 per hour
Nations Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Neothings Inc Engineering Technician $15-20 per hour
Network, Inc. Network Administration $18-20 per hour
Poway Project Manager $15-20 per hour
Presby Comm Center Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Private School Math Tutor $9-12 per hour
Qualcomm Market Analyst Intern $18-28 per hour
QWEST Communications Assistance $9-12 per hour
Radio Shack, Inc. Retail $9-12 per hour
Ramair Co. Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
REM Nursing Aide $18-20 per hour
Restaurant Developer  $9-12 per hour
SAN DIEGO STATE UNIV Tutor $9-12 per hour
SCHARFFEN BERGER Customer Service $9-12 per hour
Sears, Inc Retail $9-12 per hour
24 hour Fitness Assistant Trainer $12-25 per hour
Select Furniture Administration Assistant $9-15 per hour
Seven Eleven Customer Assistance 9-12 per hour
Sneed Accountant $9-12 per hour
Snelling Recruiting Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Speedway $9-12 per hour
SPLN $9-12 per hour
Subway Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Sweetwater School District Software Application Technician $20-30 per hour
Target, inc. Sale Associate $9-12 per hour
Target, Inc. Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Temp. Security Security $12-15 per hour
TIAA-CREF $9-12 per hour
TIME WARNER COMM Technical Support $12-15 per hour
Trader Joes & Starbuck Customer Assistance $9-12 per hour
Tutor Lab $9-12 per hour
UnitedDot Software developer $20-25 per hour
Universal Marketing Marketing Assistant $20-25 per hour
Verizon Communications Retail Sales $9-12 per hour
Von's Inc Customer Service $8-12 per hour
V-Soft Consulting $9-12 per hour
Walmart Cashier $9-12 per hour
Walmart Department Manager $10-15 per hour
Wells Fargo Banking $9-12 per hour