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The Process
Firstly you need to contact New Edu Vision Consultancy. Who is an approved Sales Agent of Crew Skills You will need to have the prerequisites stated in the programme information.
These vary for different programmes however in all cases you will:
  • need to demonstrate at least 12 months recent relevant professional experience,
  • need a reasonable level of both spoken and written English,
  • be fit and health to do the job you are applying for, and
  • have no negative criminal history.
  • Pre-interview by New Edu-Vision
  • You will need to go through a pre-interview process with the us.
You must:
  1. Submit a resume with references,
  2. The references will be checked by us
  3. Submit a copy of your passport with 2 years validity,
  4. pass a Marlins English Test
  5. sign a waiver stating you have no negative criminal history (see form below), and
  6. sign a waiver stating you are fit and healthy (see form below).
  7. If you are uncertain if you are fit and healthy then please take our Medical Check List (see form below) to your doctor and have a medical done. If you are certain you will pass a medical then simply sign the waiver.
Undergo an interview
Once you have completed the pre-interview process you will be required to undergo an interview from a Crew Skills Interviewer. This interview will be either in person or via Skype. In the even that it is via Skype it will be conducted in our office.
Programme Date, Airline Tickets and Visas
If you are accepted at interview you will need to pay for your programme. Once payment has been received by Crew Skills we will book you into the next available programme. We will also issue you with any paperwork that is needed to accompany your visa application.
You are required to pay for all visas and airline tickets that you need (if any) to do the programme. You will also need Medical Insurance to cover you for the maximum duration of your programme. Your agents will assist you with these things.
Attend the programme
Once you arrive at the country where the Deployment Centre is located which is Malaysia you will be transferred to the DC. You will be accommodated, fed and trained as part of the programme. You will also be issued with a uniform