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Culinary Program
Do you want to work in the kitchen on a Cruise Ship?
Do you have some experience as a professional cook?
Do you want a guaranteed job on a Cruise Line?
This intensive three months pre-employment training programme is designed to give people who already have some experience as a cook the knowledge and skills to work in the kitchen of a Cruise Ship. If you want to work in a kitchen of an International Cruise Ship then this is your chance. You do not have to have any cruise line experience.
A job is guaranteed upon your successful graduation from this training programme!
What job will I get after I graduate
The exact job you will be offered will depend on the competency standard that you have attained while on the program and this will normally depend on your past professional working experience. While all the Culinary Programmes are run along the same lines we alter the learning outcomes based on the particular requirements we have for placement and the skill level of the candidates attend that program. We decide, at our sole discretions, what your level is based on how you perform on the program and we will offer you a placement accordingly.
All graduates of our Culinary Program are guaranteed a contract on an International Cruise Ship. The first contract may be between 8 and 10 months long depending on the ship. We ask that all graduates be prepared for a 10 month contract which may start within a few days of graduation.
Starting wages depends greatly upon the cruise line and, of course, the positions offered to the graduates are based on their competency level. While most of our graduates will be place with cruise lines that pay more than the minimum wage the following table indicates the minimum wage that a graduate could expect based on the position offered:
Position Minimum Wage
Galley Utility USD$500
Assistant Cook Trainee USD$500
Assistant Cook USD$600
3rd Cook USD$794
2nd Cook (Demi Chef) USD$964
Note: accommodation, food, medical is provide while on the ship.
Levels above Demi Chef de Partie are not catered for on the standard Culinary Programme. We do run specific intakes for Pastry and Butchery and these graduates will normally expect similar salaries It should be noted that even if you start as a Galley Utility or Assistant Cook Trainee our programmes are designed to give you the necessary skills to proceed through the ranks quickly. We would hope that if you apply what you have learnt on our program, and work hard, that you will be promoted at the end of your first contact.
What happens after your first contract
At the end of your first contract you will be given a vacation period which may be up to 2 months. Provided you have not breached any rules or regulations and have kept yourself in good standing you will be offered another contract with the cruise line before you go on vacation. You can either accept of reject that offer. This process continues until you decide not to accept another contract which means you can spend 25 years on the ships doing back to back contracts if you like.
What do we provide with the pre-employment training?
From the moment you commence this course you will be completely looked after up until your graduation. You could arrive with only the clothes on your back and a tooth brush!
We even cover the cost of flying you to our training facility!
While on the course we will provide you with:
  • Accommodation and all meals,
  • Books and study materials,
  • Two Uniforms to wear and
  • All practice materials.
When do you apply?
  • You must have had 12 months experience as a professional in hospitality in the last 18 months.
  • You must be 21 years of age or over.
  • You must have a reasonable understanding of both written and spoken English.
  • You must have a desire to work and study hard.
Program Cost
Program Cost is $ 4800 +30,000 (payable to New Edu-Vision Consultancy )
Note: Total Fee includes including Flights tickets, Accommodation, Meals, Uniforms and All Tuition.
Please send in the Filled Pre-Interview form, Reference check form, Passport copies & Updated resume to